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Your trip to the islands of dreams ..... for little money .....


 What awaited me?

 - Eventful accommodation on the catamaran "Fürrit" a Fountaine Pajot Casamance with 14m length and 7m wide and 4 double cabins


- Trampoline for sunbathing and relaxing

 What I am experiencing? (individually and by appointment)


- Sailing to several Caribbean islands (beautiful beaches, crystal clear water)

- Contacts with the native wildlife (dolphins, whales, turtles) and snorkeling & Coconut tour

- Shore excursions to film scenes (such as "Pirates of the Caribbean"), visit the rainforest and habitat

 How do I get supplies?


- Water free plus 1x Sundowner per day

- Day meals free (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

To purchase soft drinks & beer against little fee on the Cat -

 What should I bring?

- Holiday mood & ready for an adventurous life on the cat, not a hotel !!

- Swim like a lead duck & Diving like a corkscrew is not beneficial !!

- Valid passport

 Who is on board?

- The skipper Chris, mom Sarah for supply & entertainer Mika

- Since we have 2 cabins, possibly 2 other nice guests unless you booked for four

 How much does it fit?

- Because we want to make any money with the cat, we get only one of you to contribute to the maintenance of the ship in the Caribbean. This is per person and two weeks 1350 USD. In order to keep this post, but you have to book 2 person for 2 weeks! (1 double cabin)

- The Return to Martinique for 13/14 days has to be organized  by yourself 

- 1 to 2 times a week ashore for dinner at a restaurant every one pays for yourself

- Extra attractions or special requests can be discussed with us and will then be paid separately by you. For example: anchors in the film set of Pirates of the Caribbean.

 How do I book?

Under the link "Booking" you can see which periods are still available and make an inquiry with us. We look forward to your visit!